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              2. 石嘴山市鉑唯新材料科技有限公司

                Shizuishan Unique Pt New Material Science&Technology Co., Ltd.

                Assay purchase of spent autocat

                PGM Chemicals


                   We are your reliable and secure partner. If you need to sell, buy, recycle, or fabricate Precious Metals, please and contact us.  



                Customer Service Center

                Phone: 0952-5816266

                Cell Phone: 17795217586

                Website: www.lopieur2.com

                Email: sales@upt-tech.com

                PGM plant addresss: Small and medium enterprises science and technology incubator Park 2-2, Shizuishan high tech Industrial Development Zone, Shizuishan city, Ningxia Province

                Other spent PGM material recovery

                Contact us

                PGM trading

                Single piece purchase of spent autocat

                Contact us

                About UPT Technology

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