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        Shizuishan Unique Pt New Material Science&Technology Co., Ltd.

        Assay purchase of spent autocat

        PGM Chemicals

        Other spent PGM material recovery

        PGM Trading

        PGM trading

        Single piece purchase of spent autocat

        Contact us

        About UPT Technology

        We offer spot PGM

        Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium powder (PGM content above 99.95%)

        Platinum ingot, Palladium ingot

        We offer

        International PGM spot price

            According to your own needs, you can choose spot precious metals prices or futures price, to buy or sell. Our service will help you to hedge the price risk, and get maximum benefit.


            We are your reliable and secure partner. If you need to sell, buy, recycle, or fabricate Precious Metals, please and contact us.


        For you to convert the price to RMB/gram conveniently, please use the easy calculator as below:

        We offer
        International future price of Platinum and Palladium

        International future price of Platinum

        Single piece purchase of spent autocat

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